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The New Blog Carnival has been Published!

If you aren’t familiar with a blog carnival then you are in for a treat.  It is a list of blog posts from various people all based around a common topic.

The 25th, yes 25th, ESL/EFL/ELL Blog Carnival has just been published on Berni Wall’s excellent blog.  There is almost too much great content – certainly enough for several days of reading, consideration and commenting (hint, hint – always try to comment on blogs).

The common theme for this edition of the blog carnival was popular posts.  So basically these are the posts from people’s blogs that have already grabbed a lot of attention.

If you are just starting in the blogosphere then the Blog Carnival is the best way to quickly find some great quality bloggers to follow, learn from and share with.  Thanks for hosting, Berni!


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Grammar & IELTS Writing (Blog Recommendation)

In the introduction to my PLN interview with Lewis Richards a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that Lewis hadn’t started blogging yet.  I was very pleased to see last week that this was no longer the case.  May this be the first of many from him!

Grammar & IELTS Writing by Lewis Richards on the Delta Publishing Blog.  A look at tailoring and improving English grammar for written assignments.

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Blog Recommendation – Why do we take it so personally?

Cecilia Lemos has just posted a very interesting article on learning responsibility and teacher guilt.  If you haven’t read it yet, you should.

Why Do We Take It So Personally by Cecilia Lemos on her blog, Box of Chocolate

Thanks Ceri!

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Blogpost Recommendation – Stress in TEFL

At the moment I am only half way through reading this article from David on the ELT World Blog but already it has got me thinking about my working life and about my stress levels.

Reducing Stress in the TEFL Profession discusses identifying the causes of stress, identifying those causes, identifying the symptoms of stress as well as a variety of recommendations to reduce stress levels.

Personally, this is something I will be working on because, despite my experience, I can still sometimes wake up stressed in the morning thinking about classes I need to teach that day.  This article is helping me not to avoid that stress but focus on it and try to figure out why it is there in the first place.  Thank you, David!

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