‘Tweets’ from Seminar (14-05-11)

The ideas from our “Twitter” experiment at the seminar were very interesting.  Big thanks to Dave Dodgson for the original idea.

Here is a summary of the ideas that were presented!  Just as a reminder, the activity was to ‘post’ ideas for favourite warmers to use in the classroom.

  • 10 minutes talking about a recent film we all like
  • Sing a song
  • Play a song
    • There is a song (Tecno) called “Technologic” which I use because there are lots of words and it’s good for technical English.
  • Show a short video
  • Read a short and funny story
  • Play a short and quick game
  • Flashcards
  • Introduce real objects (realia) to teach vocabulary for young learners for the main topic of the lesson
  • Show pictures and discuss them
  • Speaking about what students have done since last class
  • Tennis – In two groups, throw a ball around while revising vocabulary from previous lessons
  • Playing with words – Revising vocabulary we have already learnt.
  • Hangman/Sentence Hangman
  • Game: How do you say…?
  • Warm Greetings
  • Tic-Tac-Toe with newly learned vocabulary
  • Past Tense Verb Bingo
  • Practising a Tongue Twister
  • Showing pictures from a previous topic
  • Free Speaking
  • Write one word on the board and start a brainstorm exercise
  • Discuss latest news
  • A guessing game
  • Mimicking game
  • Present a phrase/quote and discuss the meaning
and finally

  • Stick PostIt notes on the wall (joke)

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