PLNs & Internet Resources

PLNs for Teachers

Will Rich talking about Personal Learning Networks

Silvia Tolisano’s blog post, Building Your Personal Learning Network

Richard’s blog post, PLN: What does it mean to you?

Sean Banville’s article, From PLN to ISTEK 2010

John T. Spencer‘s video, Starting a PLN

Twitter for Teachers


Keith Barr’s article, Professionally Tweeting, pp10-13

30+ Creative Ways To Use Twitter In The Classroom

Debra Garcia’s post, How Twitter Helps ESL Students Learn

Sue Lyon-Jones’s list of useful links on her excellent blog, Twitter for Teachers

Twitter in Plain English – good video for explaining Twitter

Twitter Search in Plain English  – another good video to explain more about Twitter

Blogs for Teachers

Google Reader

Articles about Blogs for Teachers

Blogging – a good general summary of blogs for teachers

Five Tips for Teachers New to Blogging

Blogs in Plain English – a good video to explain the basics of blogs

RSS in Plain English  – a useful video to understand how to keep track of blogs

Blog Building Sites

Blogger by Google


Edublogs for Educators

Suggested Websites

The starter-pln Daily

The All-Sharing Daily

Keepvid – to save videos from youTube

VLC Media Player – a good video player that will play almost all videos

Videojug – a great selection of instructional videos

Howcast – another great selection of instructional videos




Jing for Screencapture

Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos

Lyrics Training

Lit2Go & LoudLit for free English audiobooks

English Listening Lesson Library Online

Spotlight Radio


Breaking New English

Listen a Minute

BBC Learning English

Simple English Wikipedia

Suggested Blogs

Scott Thornbury’s Blog

Jeremy Harmer’s Blog

Cecilia Lemos’s Blog

Alan Tait’s Blog

Keith Barr’s Blog

Nik Peachey’s Learning Technology Blog

Ed Tech Ideas

Tech ELT Blog

(Almost) Infinite ELT Ideas

Articles on Technology

Jeremy Harmer’s Audioblog


Marisa Constantanides interview about Teachers and Technology at IATEFL 2011

Four mistakes educators make when integrating technology into instruction

Technology and Teaching Languages

Myths and Madness on both sides

Mass Debates

Teaching with Technology – A Basic Checklist


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