BBC Articles

Current issues (or at least used-to-be current issues)

A matter of life and death by Chris Summers (about the Jean Charles de Menezes killing in 2005)

GM Food: Monster or Saviour by Jeremy Cooke


Dealing with death the Mexican way

Laptop for every pupil in Uruguay by Verónica Psetizki

Laptops for Africa (Audio Slideshow) by Jonathan Fildes

Uganda seeks mini-skirt ban


40 ways we still use floppy disks

Chinese girl gets ‘kiss of deaf’

Chocolate lorry goes to Timbuktu

Could you read 100 books in 100 days? by Finlo Rohrer

Emotion sensor ‘detects boredom’

Free wedding for quitting smoking

How Do You Spot a Fake Pound Coin (see also Video: How to Spot a Fake Pound Coin by Ben Ando)

How not to do an American accent by Stephen Robb

Surgery for underwear-loving dog

Why do CAPITAL LETTERS so annoy us? by Laura Schocker

Woman passes 950th Driving Test

Thought-provoking (conversation pieces)

10 ways to beat the heat

A world without planes by Alain de Botton

Are televisions getting too big? by Denise Winterman

Being bilingual ‘protects brain’

Cleaners Worth More to Society than Bankers by Martin Shankleman

Feeling grumpy ‘is good for you’

Juggling increases brain power

Monday ‘most common for sickness’

Scotland’s ever-changing scenery by Derek Farrell

The problem with PowerPoint by Max Atkinson

UK adults ‘Forget School French’

UK migration: What the figures mean by Dominic Casciani

US workers top productivity table

Young ‘dreaming of living abroad’



How to write your CV


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