Cultural Differences

17 Jun

After a long sabbatical from blog writing and Twitter, I am endeavouring to get back into this rich world of sharing and peer-support.  I’ve just finished my first year of a part time M.A. in Applied Linguistics & TEFL.  This isn’t the purpose of my post but I want to give a quick shout out to a couple of my tutors.  First of all, I have the distinct privilege to have Peter Watkins as one of my tutors.  Through an amazing coincidence, Peter Watkins was the very first ELT name I ever encountered as his book, Learning to Teach English, was core reading during my initial CertTESOL course.  Not only does he write very useful books but he is an inspiration in class.

My other shout out goes to John Naysmith, who was very generous with his time in talking me through my syllabus design module.  I ended up designing a syllabus around English & Culture and this leads me nicely onto the topic of my post today: cultural lessons.

I recently posted on my other blog about the need for correct pronunciation in international business situations, especially when it comes to pronouncing names.  In doing a bit of searching around on this topic, I was reminded of this series of advertisements in Britain from HSBC.

This is a short post so I’ll just leave you with the videos.  You could use them to introduce the broader topic of cultural misunderstanding, or you could simply show them at the end of a class as something fun and informative.  Enjoy.

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